Our XTRA Services

  • Boot Vacume$5.00
  • Engine Cleaning$45.00
  • Interior Vacume$15.00
  • Mat Shampoo$15.00
  • Re-Shine Headlights$25.00
  • Wheel Bling$10.00
  • Bug-N-Tar$8.00
  • Leather Treatment$85.00
  • Carpet-Seat Shampoo$180.00
  • De-Becterizing AC System$70.00
  • Dash-N-Console$10.00

We are aqua car detailing

At AQUA we know how good it feels to drive a clean car. Everything we do is focused on providing the best car wash and customer service experience in the industry. We don't have spinning brushes, mindless machines or heavy equipment to damage the finish to your car.What we do have is actual people, using soft synthetic mitts to gently clean the dirt and grime from your vehicle. We use only the finest products to clean, polish and wax your vehicle and continually seek products with the least environmental impact.